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The Drunken Palette has Moved. Visit us in our New Home at 310 State Street. Just up the block from the Old Location.


Wednesday Night Wood Painting

February 19th, 6-8pm

Red Flowers *on Wood*. Bright red blooms on a forest garden.

Suitable for adults, 17 and up. Class is conducted on Wood Canvases Starting at $45 each.


Thursday Family Fun Night

February 20th, 6-8pm

Professor Frog. Smartest amphibian around

Suitable for adults, young adults, and preteens. Class is conducted on a 12x12 canvas for $30 each.

Painted Origami 4 Leaf Clover. Wednesday March 11th, 6-8pm.

$30 each

Featured St Patty's Day Classes!


Friday Date Night Adult Group Class

February 21st, 7-9pm


Into the Sunset. Disembark from tropical shores to keep watch from beneath the waves.


Suitable for adults 17 and older. Class is conducted on a 16x20 canvas $35 per canvas. Group discounts available for this class.


Saturday Adult Group Class

February 22nd, 7-9pm


Watercolor Butterflies. splashes of color come into existence with each flap of their wings

Suitable for adults 17 and older. Class is conducted on a 16x20 canvas for $35 each. Group discounts available for this class.


Sunday Family Fun Day

February 23rd, 1-3pm


Magical Unicorn. rainbow colors shimmer from the unicorn's mane.

Class is suitable for all ages and is conducted on an 8x10 canvas for $15 each.

St Patty's Day Pride. 

Sunday March

15th, 2-4 pm.

$30 each

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TDP Art Studio


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